Abul Kalam Hasan Tagar

Entrepreneur, Chairman, Halima Group

It is to be noted, that Halima Group started its activities in 2010 and in 2021 there are presently 8 companies of this group. Among them are Halima Telecom, Halima Electronics, Halima Traders, Halima World, HTE, Nuclei Global, Tip Accessories, and most recently Halima Mobile.
Back In 2010, AbulKalam Hasan Tagar, Chairman of Halima Group, started Halima Telecom in the name of his mother. He started the journey of the first mobile accessories industry in Bangladesh by importing goods from abroad with only three employees.
These institutions currently employ over a thousand people, most of whom are poorly educated women. From the very beginning, Halima Group has been playing a special role in women's empowerment.
Women who were once oppressed, abused, and neglected in society, these less educated women have become skilled workers today. This organization plays an important role not only in economic expansion but also in the socio-economic progress of the country.
At the finale of the inaugural ceremony, a splendid cultural program and fireworks were organized. The music of the cultural program was performed by eminent entertainers from home and abroad.