Dr. Amey Pangarkar

Metaverse Admirer & Digital Marketing Consultant

Dr. Amey Pangarkar is a distinguished individual, holding certifications as a Google Certified Digital Marketer and serving as a Marketing Communication Consultant and Author. Additionally, he boasts a gold medal in Business Graduation, has an Engineering background, and also manages becoming Cricket Umpire. Dr. Pangarkar's multifaceted expertise reflects a remarkable fusion of knowledge and practical experience.
Notably, he has been honored with the prestigious title of "Best Digital Marketing Professional with Innovative Advertising Skills" by the India Education Awards, exemplifying his exceptional prowess in the domain. Dr. Pangarkar is passionate about using technology to create innovative marketing solutions.
He is a sought-after speaker and trainer on digital marketing. He has spoken at TEDx, industry conferences, and corporate events. He is constantly exploring new ways to use technology to create more engaging and personalized experiences for customers. He is also committed to sharing his knowledge and expertise with others.