GMB Akash

International Photojournalist

GMB Akash is a renowned Bangladeshi photographer whose work has garnered international acclaim. With a keen eye for storytelling through his lens, Akash has dedicated his career to capturing the raw and often overlooked aspects of human life, particularly focusing on the struggles and triumphs of marginalized communities.

His powerful photo documentaries have shed light on subjects ranging from the lives of garment workers in Bangladesh to the plight of child laborers. Akash's work has been featured in prestigious publications, exhibitions, and documentaries worldwide, earning him numerous awards and accolades. Beyond his artistic prowess, GMB Akash is also a dedicated social activist, using his photography as a tool for advocacy and positive change in the communities he portrays. His commitment to shining a spotlight on social issues makes him not just a gifted photographer but also a compassionate advocate for social justice.